• STEWARTSVILLE MIDDLE School STUdent council constitution
  • We, the students of Stewartsville Middle School, in order to insure the necessary cooperation and understanding between the student body, the faculty, and the Administration of the middle school, to provide for more adequate welfare and development of the student body, and to create awareness of the obligations of responsible leadership (which has been placed upon us as recipients of a middle school education), in accordance with the powers granted to us by the administrative authorities of this middle school, do hereby ordain and establish this, the Constitution of the Student Council of Stewartsville Middle School.
  • This constitution was adopted in the year, 2009.

  • 1. This organization will be called the Student Council of Stewartsville Middle School. It will consist of a General Assembly drawn from the Student Body, an Executive Board appointed to work with the General Assembly, and Advisors from the Faculty to work with the Executive Board.
  • 2. The Student Council will have these purposes:
    1. a. To improve communication between the Student Body, Faculty, and Administration of Stewartsville Middle School by providing a place for students to voice their opinions and become actively involved in issues affecting their general welfare.
    2. b. To encourage active participation by all students in the various extra-curricular activities of Stewartsville Middle School.
    3. c. To develop leadership qualities, organizational skills, and democratic ideals in preparing the students of Stewartsville Middle School for active participation in a democracy.
3. The Student Council will have these duties:

  1. a. To discuss and address concerns of the Student Body or any segment of it.
  2. b. To conduct elections each year for representatives to the General Assembly, andvarious offices of the Executive Board.
    1. We recognize that our decision making power is granted by the Greenwich Township Board of Education, and also recognize its governance over all operations of Stewartsville Middle School.
    2. We recognize the authority of the Principal, and his or her right to veto any resolution or motion approved by the General Assembly or any decision of the Executive Board.
    3. We recognize the role of the Advisors, designated by theGreenwich Township Board ofEducation and the Principal to guide and oversee our operations. They will settle all disagreements involving the interpretation of this Constitution.
    4. We recognize that only the Student Body has the right to choose the representatives and officers of the Student Council, and that no Faculty or Administrative approval is needed to become a representative or officer in it.

    1. The General Assembly will include:
    1. a. Two representatives elected from each homeroom. Any member of the Student Body has the right to be elected as a representative unless they were previously dismissed from the Student Council due to accumulating too many points. ( 10pts )
    2. b. Volunteer (Members-at-Large). Members-at-Large must be on the green level of the behavior system to attend student council meeting and events.
    3. c. Each member of the Executive Board, who may not serve as a Representative for their homeroom or as a Member-at-Large.
2. Representative Elections will be conducted by secret preferential ballot through homerooms each September. Ballots will be collected and sealed for one year.

  • 3. The General Assembly will meet at least twice per month from September through June. Meeting dates will be set by the President or Advisors.

  • 4. The President has the following restrictions and powers:
    1. a. The President may not introduce, second, or cast a vote on any motion or resolution, except where a tie must be broken. This restriction will apply to the Vice President if he or she is presiding over the General Assembly.
5. No motion or resolution may be voted on by the General Assembly without the Advisor, President or Vice President, and at least one more than half of its members present in the meeting room. All meetings will follow modified Parliamentary Procedure, with Robert’s Rules of Order as the official reference. The Advisor will settle all disagreements involving Parliamentary Procedure.
  • 6. All meetings will include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. a. The President will call the meeting to order.
    2. b. The Vice Presidentwill take attendance.
    3. c. The Secretary will read and call for the approval of the minutes of the last meeting.
    4. d. Reports from each officer and committee chair. Committee Chair will present their reports.
    5. e. Report from the Advisors. Advisors will present their report.
    6. f. Resolution of any old business from the last meeting.
    7. g. Introduction and possible resolution of new business.
    8. h. Motion from the floor to adjourn.
7. A member of the General Assembly who has consistently failed to carry out his or her duties, or who has failed to uphold the Student Council standards of ethics and behavior, may be removed. (See the Student Council Handbook)

  • 1. The Executive Board consists of those students who ran for office at the end of their 7th grade year and attended the NJASC Summer Leadership Training Camp.

  • 1.The Executive Board positions will include the following:
    1. a. Dropbox and Website Manager
    2. b. Journalist - monthly newsletter
    3. c. Dance Coordinator
    4. d. Bulletin Board Manager
    5. e. Foyer Manager
    6. f. Morning School Managers- Coordinate with School Store Managers monthly.
    7. g. Event Advertiser
  • 1. Officers will be elected by the General Assembly each year in May. They must deliver a speech and state the number of points they have for the year. (See Student Council Handbook regarding the points). In the event of a tie, a new speech will be delivered at the next meeting and a vote will take place. Only members who are present may vote.
  • 2. The President will…
    1. a. Assist the Advisor in various tasks, as necessary.
    2. b. Prepare an agenda for each meeting of the General Assembly after consulting with the other officers, committee chairpersons, and Advisor.
    3. c. Preside over meetings of the General Assembly, ensuring a fair and full hearing to all concerns and the maintenance of order at all times.
    4. d. With consent of the Advisor, appoint individuals to chair standing and special committees, and monitor the progress of each committee.
    5. e. Be a member of all standing and special committees.
    6. f. Assign duties at dances and other Student Council events to all members of the Executive Board and to supervise all student workers at these events.
    7. g. Supervise and regularly evaluate Special Committees.
    8. h. Periodically meet with the principal for upcoming events.
    9. i. Prepare and deliver the last speech at the eighth grade graduation.
    10. j. E-mail the Student Council Advisors a weekly copy of the agenda.
    11. k. Post the Student Council agenda on the Dropbox weekly.
3. The Vice President will…

  1. a. Assist the President and Advisor in various tasks, as necessary.
  2. b. Preside over meetings of the General Assembly in the absence of the President.
  3. c. Be ready at all times to temporarily or permanently become President.
  4. d. Be a member of all standing and special committees.
  5. e. Hand out agendas and minutes to members who were not present at general meeting.
  6. f. Take a very accurate account of the attendance of the Members-at Large.
  7. g. Prepare and deliver the first speech at the eighth grade graduation.
4. The Treasurer will…

  1. a. Assist the President and Advisor in various tasks, as necessary.
  2. b. Assist the Advisor in collecting all funds.
  3. c. Prepare and present periodic summaries of financial records to the General Assembly.
  4. d. Maintain accurate records.
  5. e. E-mail the Assistant to the Business Administrator for an updated balance sheet weekly.
  6. f. The treasurer should collect the money at dances and events.
    5. The Secretary will…
    1. a. Assist the President and Advisor in various tasks, as necessary.
    2. b. Keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the General Assembly.
    3. c. E-mail the Student Council Advisors a weekly copy of the minutes.
    4. d. Post the minutes weekly on the Dropbox.
    ARTICLE VI - The Store Managers
    1. The School Store Managers will…
    a. Assign work duties that take place during lunch periods one day per week to all members of the General Assembly and supervise all student workers as they perform these duties.
    b. Review catalogs and submit orders to advisors every month.
    c. Check inventory of supplies ordered and price items.
    d. Organize and maintain the school store cart.

    a. Special Committees may be organized as necessary.

    1. To be ratified, this Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly.
    2. This Constitution will take effect September 2009 if ratified.
    3. If any part of this Constitution is found by the Greenwich Township Board of Education to violate its stated policy only that individual part will be declared invalid, with all other parts of this Constitution remaining in place.
    4. Only the General Assembly may propose Amendments to this Constitution, which will require a two-thirds vote of its entire membership for ratification.
    ARTICLE VIlI – Members at Large
    1. Members at Large consist of those students who want to participate in the student council meetings and activities.
    Members at Large will…
    1. a.attend 95% of the student council meetings unless they have a note from their parent stating why they will be missing the Student Council meeting.

  1. b.may attend Leadership Training Camp however they must pay their own cost.
  2. c. be a member of all standing and special committee.
  3. d. assists the President and Advisor in various tasks, as necessary.
  4. e. Members at large who stay for 95% of the student council meetings, assist at all student council functions, assist in all student council fundraisers, and is on the green level of the behavior system may be chosen to go to the Six Flags Conference at Six Flags Amusement Park.
  5. f. Members at Large will participated in student council conferences based on the numbers of meetings the attended