Stewartsville Middle School

Student Council



Mrs. Bonnie Boyer

Mrs. Linda Gengaro

This handbook is designed to provide you with the rules of our student council, as well as committees and events that we are active in.

Part 1: List of Student Council Activities and Involvement

Part 2: Demerit System/Rules

Part 3: Constitution - attached seperately

Part 1: List of Student Council Activities and Involvement

Student Council consists of 6th through 8th grade students who are elected to represent their grade level and homerooms. There will be approximately 37 student council members. Our role is to provide leadership for the student body.

What we do:

Attend three New Jersey Association of Student Council (NJASC) state conferences in October, January and May. Two conferences are held at the College of New Jersey in Trenton, and one at the end of the year at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park.

Lead Pep Rallies and School Activities

Welcome Dance

Annual Food Drive

Manage and run our School Store

Annual Winter Formal Dance in December

Attend Leadership Training Conferences with cluster area districts in January

Annual STAG (Stewartsville's Totally Awesome Games) Night in January

Annual Carnation Sale for Valentine's Day

Annual Spring Dance

Ball Park / Field Day in June

Annual NJASC Charity Event:

As part of NJASC, we annually try to raise $1000.00 for the state charity selected each year. We are proud to say that we have reached this goal every year.

Each year new ideas or projects emerge and we add activities based on motivation and interest.

Part 2: Demerit System / Rules

Student Council is...

the leadership of the Stewartsville Middle School

Student Council Members are expected to be responsible role models possessing leadership qualities with their peers. They are expected to:

  • Attend all Student Council Meetings after school
  • Behave appropriately according to the district’s schools hand book
  • Complete schoolwork in a timely manner (Homework and class work)
  • Participate on student council committees and functions

The demerit system is designed to give consequences when a student doesn't meet the expectations listed above.

If a student accumulates 10 points he or she will be dismissed from the student council. Please note that because student council members are role models for others, points are NOT taken away once they have been earned for an infraction. Student Council Members must be notified when they are given demerit/demerits and must be told the Violation or the reason they received the demerit/demerits.

Demerit System:

Demerits will be given by the Student Council Advisors and the building principal.

Not showing up for student council meetings or an assigned job without being excused - 1 point

Clowning around while working projects -1 point

Not handing in forms to advisor's on time -1 point

Inappropriate use of cell phones -1 point
Not participating in Spirit Days -1 point
Negative Teacher Report – 2 points
Unexcused Absence from a Student Council Meeting -3 points
Inappropriate Behavior during a Meeting-1 point
Not Reporting to Homeroom – 2 points
Detention -3 points
Lunch detention - 2 points
Out of School suspension - 6 points for each day
In school suspension - 4 points for each day

*Students who are dismissed from Student Council who have accumulated 10 points may not run for homeroom rep throughout their remaining middle school years.